Friday, September 5, 2014

Will Holder Investigate This Hate Crime?

Meredith Cole and Alex Vessey were beaten outside a bar in Springfield, Missouri
A group of six cowards brutally assaulted a couple outside a Springfield, Mo., nightclub after one of the men allegedly sexually assaulted the woman.
Cops have released terrifying surveillance footage from outside the Outland Ballroom of the Aug. 22 beatdown that sent Meredith Cole and boyfriend Alex Vessey to the hospital.
“It was pretty brutal,” Cole told KYTV.
Vessey was inside working as a DJ that night when Cole went outside by herself and was approached by the goons, who started to touch her as she tried to fend them off.
“It was embarrassing, kind of, and weird and uncomfortable, it was really intimidating too,” Cole told the news station of the sexual assault. "It was scary, I guess is what I'm trying to say.”...
Video shows one brute run up and sucker punch Vessey in the head as they wrangle the couple towards a wall in an alley. The rest of the gang joins in, indiscriminately throwing punches, including at least one that struck Cole in the face.
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So, will Eric Holder send a bunch of FBI agents down to Springfield from Ferguson to investigate this black on white crime?
Yeah, I doubt it to.

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