Thursday, April 23, 2015

And Hillary Still Is Qualified To Be President?

From Fox News:
The relationship between former President Bill Clinton and a group of wealthy Canadian mining investors who made significant contributions to the Clinton family's foundation has come under scrutiny after their uranium company ended up in the hands of the Russians.
That deal, which gave the Russians access to part of the U.S. uranium reserves, all started with Bill Clinton's dealings with friend Frank Giustra.   
Peter Schweizer, author of the forthcoming book, "Clinton Cash," that details family foundation donations and alleged favors, told Fox News that Clinton traveled in 2005 to Kazakhstan, where Giustra, a Canadian investor, was trying to "get control to buy a couple of uranium mines." "And he became, really, partners, in a way, with Bill Clinton-- working on philanthropic activities," he said.
At the same time, Schweizer said, "Giustra has been involved in helping to facilitate speaking engagements -- for the Clintons."
New York Times reporter Jo Becker, who spent months investigating the deal before publishing a story Thursday, said Guistra and Clinton were both "whisked to the [palace] of President Nazarbayev in Kazakhstan, and it's a fascinating story, because everybody walked away from the table that night with something."
Clinton, Becker said, "basically endorsed" the "progress" Kazakhstan had made on its democracy, though Nazarbayev was elected "with 90 percent-plus of the vote ... in an election that was widely criticized as being rigged."
Schweizer said Clinton even held a press conference with the president and praised his human rights record.
In the end, Giustra got what he wanted.
"The bottom line is after they leave, a couple of days later, Frank Giustra gets his uranium concessions, which end up being enormously lucrative to him and to a small group of Canadian mining investors," Schweizer said.
Becker said his company went from "a worthless shell company overnight -- became this ...huge uranium mining deal."
And then soon after that, Becker said, "Bill Clinton got a huge donation, $31 million from Frank Guistra to his charitable foundation, followed by a pledge to donate $100 million more."
Call by Fox News to the Kazakhstan Embassy were not returned.
Reached for comment, Giustra told Fox News he considers this an old story, and he's not interested in politics.
Meanwhile, his defenders insist that no undue influence was exerted in Kazakhstan because the deal did not require the Kazakh government's approval.
However, Schweizer said, corporate records "indicate very, very clearly that the Kazakh government did have to sign off and approve." 
This includes, he said, a memorandum of understanding from 2005 "between the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Kazatomprom, which is the atomic agency in Kazakh government, so there's no way that they can argue the Kazakh government was not a party to these negotiations."
Of course the Clintonsupporters will either defend Clinton in this matter or they will just ignore it.
And Obama knew what was going on, so to many people, this is just another impeachable offense, by allowing Russia to gain control over so much U.S. uranium which will end up mostly in Iran.
Just another day in Democrat la la land.

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