Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tell Me Again Why Liberals Support Hillary

From Michelle Malkin:
The new digs, however, couldn’t come soon enough for the roughly 35 staff members who have been based in New York — most of them volunteers with vagabond lifestyles.
During the day, they’ve clamored for whatever work space is available, especially because Clinton’s small personal office in Midtown Manhattan isn’t big enough for more than 20 people.
At night, most of the younger staff members are transients in the big city, staying on the couches of relatives, buddies and exes in Brooklyn and Manhattan, while preparations are being made for salaries, campaign-issued cellphones and apartments for the next 18 months.
“I’m sleeping on my brother’s couch and working out of Starbucks,” says one soon-to-be Clinton staffer who requested anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak on behalf of a campaign that doesn’t yet exist.  http://michellemalkin.com/?p=164580
So, apparently Hillary doesn't believe in paying a "living wage" and she is basically acting like a slave owner as she abuses those people who support her.
So, why do liberals support her?
Damned if I know.
Here is a picture of a slave auction that Hillary and Bill were part of:

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