Sunday, April 19, 2015


Just remember ObamaClinton.
That will scare a lot of people who vote.

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  1. Dan, this is a sincere question, and I'm not spoiling for a fight. But as a Democrat/liberal, I really and truly don't understand where your view comes from, so let me ask, since we're internet friends.

    We all remember how dire our national situation and mood was in the waning days of 2008. We all experienced the Great Recession together. And whether you think it was George W. Bush's fault, Nancy Pelosi's fault, Harry Reid's fault, poor peoples' fault, Barney Frank's fault, Wall Street's fault, or just the cyclical nature of the economy, we know it was BAD when President Obama took office, RIGHT?

    NOW, six years later, by almost every metric, things are better. Lots of areas still need improving, lots of bad crap still happens (just like always), Congress still sucks no matter who is in charge, and roughly half the country hates the president (no matter who it is). But things are objectively BETTER.

    So, how specifically did Obama put the country in the toilet? I know you don't *like* him, but what has he done to make things worse, when they are clearly *better?* Just looking to understand.