Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Poor Loser

Apparently, when liberals lose, they going crying to the courts if they don't get their way.
From the Wisconsin State Journal:
Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday to try and hold on to her leadership spot after voters approved a constitutional amendment that was likely to result in her demotion.
For the past 126 years, the chief justice position has gone to the most senior member of the Supreme Court. Since 1996, that has been Abrahamson. But the amendment approved by voters on Tuesday would instead allow the seven justices to decide who should be chief.
The liberal Abrahamson is expected to be voted out by the four-justice conservative majority.
Abrahamson, 81, argued in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Madison that the change should not be applied until after her current term ends in four years or if she leaves before then.
To have the selection process change immediately would shorten the 10-year term of office to which Abrahamson was elected as chief justice, she argued, and would therefore violate her constitutional rights to due process and equal protection rights.
She also is asking for a temporary restraining order to block the other six justices on the court from taking any action to remove her as chief justice.
The lawsuit names the other members of the court and top state officials charged with implementing the amendment. It was brought on behalf of Abrahamson and a handful of state residents who voted for her. Their votes, the lawsuit argues, will be “diluted and results of the 2009 election undone long after-the-fact, while the Wisconsin court system’s leadership will become unsettled.”
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First, Abrahamson is a liar.  When name was ont he ballot, it was not chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson... not Chief Justice Abrahamson... Not even Justice Abrahamson.  So, like a typical liberal, she lies.
She also now says that the majority of Wisconsin voters are so stupid that they didn't know what they were voting for.
So, once again, we have a cry baby liberal who lost and now she has to go running to her mommy court and complain and whine.
Just more evidence that liberalism is a mental disease.

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  1. Amazing, she must have had the paperwork done b/f the election.