Thursday, April 9, 2015

I'm Not Crying For Thug Killed By South Carolina Cop

A few days ago, a North Charleston cop shit and killed a Black thug who was running away from the cop.
The officer apparently fired 8 shots while the guy was running away from the cop.
Here is the video:

First, we don't know 100% what happened so, while it looks bad what the cop did, we don't know what all happened before the shooting.
Having said that, this is what I know for sure:
The Black thug would be still alive today if he had only followed the cop's orders.  He was pulled over for a minor traffic issue and the Black thug decided to run.
Don't know, but if he didn't run, there would be no video of him being shot because he would have gone home, or at least to jail.
We also know the Black thug has been to jail several times for failing to pay child support.
So, why was the Black thug running?  If we don't know, certainly the cop didn't know either.
So, I am going to let this play out.  If the cop killed the Black thug, so be it and send him to prison.
But again, if you run from the cops, it usually does not end well for you.

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