Sunday, April 19, 2015

Once Again LV Sun Editor Shows He Is Brain Damaged

Coward Brian Greenspun has shown time after time, that he is brain damaged, with apologies who really are brain damaged.
Today's opinion article shows once again that he is a brain damaged idiot.
From the LV Sun:
From the mouths of babes — and into the hearts and minds of their mothers. Their grandmothers. Their aunts, sisters and cousins. The 2016 presidential election could shape up to mirror the instincts of a 6-year-old child.
But with all the ups and downs and good days and bad days to come over the next 18 months, this next election has less to do with what I think, feel and want than it does a far simpler truth. Fifty percent or more of the American voting public is female and, at the end of the day, I believe the women in our lives will do what women have done for centuries. They will let the men in their lives believe we are in charge and then they will do whatever is necessary to advance the interests of their families and their country.....
But you don’t have to ask me. I started this column with a reference to children, and I shall finish it by explaining what I mean.
My daughter, Amy, is working in the Clinton campaign as a fundraiser (fair warning, Las Vegas) so she needed to explain to her children what might be considerable absences from home. She explained she had an important job helping Hillary Clinton become the next president....
Yes, I know there is plenty more to a candidacy for president than just gender. But what I am suggesting is that all or most other things being equal, the opportunity for a woman to vote for a qualified person to be president, who is also a woman and, therefore, knows for the very first time the world in which women live, will be compelling.
Sadly, this is the mindset of most liberals and democrats.
They only support Hilary is because she has a vagina.
They support her, even though she already has been bought and paid for by hundreds of people and foreign governments.
They support her despite all of her's and Bill's scandals.
They support the Hildebeast even though she has done more to hurt women's rights than any GOP candidate.
The libs and dem's say they support women, but if a conservative woman, Like Condi Rice, they would change their tune and say we have to deal with issues instead of vaginas.
So, Greenspun shows once again he is a useless idiot and actually shows the liberals and democrats true colors by supporting Hillary, no matter what...Just like they support President Obama, no matter what.

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