Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Will These Fools Send The Same Letter To Hillary

Speaking of domestic violence hypocrites, these old biddies are now after Kurt Busch and NASCAR.
From ESPN:
The National Network to End Domestic Violence sent a letter to NASCAR this week critical of the sanctioning body's three-race suspension of Kurt Busch.
Busch was suspended indefinitely Feb. 20 after a Delaware family court commissioner issued a detailed opinion concluding that the preponderance of evidence over a four-day protective-order hearing showed that Busch had committed an act of domestic violence against ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll.
The Delaware attorney general's office announced March 5 that it had declined to bring charges, citing concerns that with the available evidence and witnesses, it could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Busch had committed the act. NASCAR reinstated the Stewart-Haas Racing driver March 11.
The letter was sent Monday from the group's president and CEO, Kim Gandy, to NASCAR chairman Brian France and was critical over the short suspension as well as the waiver that allowed the 2004 Sprint Cup champion to miss races and still be eligible for the Chase for the Sprint Cup.
"NASCAR reversed [its suspension] even though the findings used to justify the suspension did not change," the letter states. "In fact, your organization did more than reinstate Mr. Busch, you also provided an exemption which allows him to participate in your points championship; leaving the perception that NASCAR regretted taking a stance against domestic violence."
The Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group also is asking for people to sign a petition on its website to urge NASCAR to take a stronger stance.
So, as written in the blog post below, will these old biddy liberals condemn Hillary Clinton for physically hurting Bill Clinton when Bill and Hill were in the White House?
Or are they a bunch of chicken shit liberals who only go after somewhat conservatives and leave liberals like Hillary alone?

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