Friday, April 24, 2015

Sounds Like This Should Be A Vegas Funeral

From Oregon Live:
You want your loved one to be extravagantly honored at his funeral -- it augurs well for his afterlife -- and that means you need the service to be packed to the gunwales. There's only one way to guarantee this will happen:
You have to hire strippers.
This has become a thing in some parts of China and Taiwan, especially in rural areas. And, this being the Internet Age, the rest of the world is watching.
"Pictures of a funeral in the (Chinese) city of Handan in northern Hebei province last month showed a dancer removing her bra as assembled parents and children watched," the Wall Street Journal reported this week. "They were widely circulated online, prompting much opprobrium."
Opprobrium isn't a desired part of the funeral experience, but as the saying goes: there is no such thing as bad publicity. The strippers have had no problem getting more work at funerals.
Funeral stripping in China has been going on for at least a few years now. "Take the outdoor funeral for an 86-year-old man surnamed Huang in central China's Henan province in December 2012," wrote NPR. "A woman in a short, white skirt and halter top pulls a mourner on stage and begins to undress him, while periodically peeling off a piece of her own clothing. A digital ticker tape in Mandarin tries to remind mourners how sad they are about the dearly departed as a sexually suggestive song pounds in the background. The crowd, which includes children in heavy winter coats, seems more focused on which piece of clothing the exotic dancer plans to discard next."
This actually might wake up the dead.

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  1. Strange as it may seem, Vegas has more class!