Friday, April 3, 2015

Obama Endorses Scott Walker For President

Well, you have to read between the lines, but...
From the Louisville Courier-Journal: During his remarks, the president cited one Indatus employee who he said was a perfect example of that type of program and proof that it works.
"The reason I remember this guy, his name is 'Ben Kuhl,' which is a really cool name. I wish my name was Ben Kuhl," he said.
"Ben doesn't have a college degree but because so much of the work that's done is open source, Ben was essentially able to teach himself. And because Indatus recognizes that not all talent goes through conventional pathways ... Ben could show what he knew, how well he could do it, and Indatus was able to hire him and now they've got an outstanding coder and somebody that is providing enormous value to the company."
The liberals complain that Gov. Scott Walker is unqualified to be president because he dropped out of college and never got his degree.
But according to Obama, you don't need a college degree to succeed and I completely agree with Obama. (hell just froze over)
And Obama shows that even if you are considered educated, like Obama, you can still suck at your job, even if you are considered highly educated.
And Walker shows that you can be a highly successful politician, even if you don't have a pedigree, like a Bush or Clinton or be highly educated- everyone else in the potential presidential sweepstake.
Of course, an endorsement from Obama is pretty much a kiss of death for a potential Democrat candidate, so Walker, beware.

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