Sunday, April 5, 2015

One Reason Why Wisconsin Beat Kentucky

There have many theories why the Wisconsin Badgers defeated the Kentucky Wildcats, who were previously undefeated.  The Badgers were lucky, they played same game they always played, Kentucky choked, the refs (the refs pretty much sucked for both sides) and so on. 
But the championship run was set years ago.
Kentucky has 2 backbenchers who hail from Kentucky.  They played in practice and pretty much, that was it.  Both of these players averaged less than 3 minutes of playing time a game this season.
Wisconsin, on the other hand has 6 players from Wisconsin, many that had huge roles for the team, 4 players from states next to Wisconsin.  There is only 1 player on Wisconsin that is not from the Midwest.
These players from Wisconsin know each other from probably middle school.  They go to the same camps, play on club teams together, play against each other in junior high and high school and then went to college together.
Kentucky?  Their players don't each other, didn't play against each other and didn't get to know each other until they went to college.
So, Wisconsin got this championship run going at least 6 or more years ago and the fruits of this is paying off with a chance at a championship tomorrow night.

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