Friday, April 10, 2015

Was Harry Reid Beat Up??

Rumor has it that when Senile Harry Reid was severely injured a few months ago, he claimed that he was hurt when he was working out on some exercise equipment but the rumor is that in reality is, he was beat up instead.
From Breitbart: The leadership of the troubled, 1,800 person Capitol Police force is withholding information about the circumstances surrounding Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) gruesome New Year’s Day injuries.
Breitbart News poked holes in Reid’s story that the injuries resulted from a home exercise accident that occurred when the exercise band that he attached to the shower door in his bathroom “broke and spun me around and I crashed into these cabinets and injured my eye,” as he claimed.
Breitbart News has also reported that virtually all of the information concerning the events surrounding the New Year’s Day injury and Reid’s subsequent hospital treatment that day has originated from Reid’s office. It insists the senator’s Capitol Police security detail was with him at his Henderson, Nevada home when the injuries occurred on New Year’s Day and transported him from his home to St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson for treatment.
Breitbart News has repeatedly asked the Capitol Police to verify this claim, and to provide a copy of the incident report filed by the security detail describing the events of that day. Breitbart News has also requested the Capitol Hill Police specifically detail the date and time of day the incident took place in Reid’s home, and the date and time of day Reid’s security detail transported him from his home to St. Rose Dominican Hospital.
Despite sending numerous phone and email requests for this information to the Capitol Police over the last several days, no such information has been provided.
On Friday, Breitbart News spoke on the phone with Capitol Police Public Information Officer Kim Schneider, who promised to provide that information to us shortly.
As of Monday, we have received no further response and have been provided with none of the requested information.
And this from the Gateway Pundit:
According to The Tatler and Power Line Blog Larry Reid is prime suspect in his brother’s beating.
On Monday I got a phone call from a man named Easton Elliott. We talked briefly on Monday, and have had additional telephone conversations since then. Elliott* is a businessman who lives in the Las Vegas area, and he thinks he knows what really happened to Harry Reid. This is the story as he related it to me:
Elliott spent a portion of last New Year’s Eve at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Henderson, Nevada. His AA group has meetings every hour on New Year’s Eve, along with a pot luck supper. There were approximately 20 people present at the meeting during the events described below.
Some time between 10:00 and 11:30 p.m., a man entered the meeting. His appearance was striking: there was blood on his clothing, beginning around his midsection. His left hand was swollen. He appeared to be somewhat intoxicated and was visibly agitated. He introduced himself as “Larry.”
In a group discussion that was heard by a number of people, Larry said that he had just had a fight with a family member. Larry said he had been at a family get-together, and he didn’t remember much about the fight because he had blacked out. When he came to, he was rolling on the ground, fighting with a family member, and his clothes were bloody. Now, he said, he was frightened that the Secret Service would come after him.
I for one, on the day the it was reported that Reid was severely injured, called the incident was BS:
These are serious and noticeable injuries.
Why wasn't an ambulance called?
By his rent a cops taking him to the hospital in serious condition, they risked hurting him even more or risked having him aggravating even more serious injuries.  He could have had become paralyzed, bled out and suffered cardiac arrest or other serious conditions.
So, what are they hiding?
If they called an ambulance, 1 ambulance would have been dispatched and probably a fire engine as well.  The cops may have been called out because it was Reid but I doubt it.
Why didn't Reid and his entourage want the firefighters to see him and why did they risk Reid's health?
Maybe because they would discover that the accident didn't happen the way he said it did?
Why did they not allow these professionals into his house?
Were they afraid the media would find out when they listened to the scanner and then the media would start asking questions?
So, what is Reid hiding?

So, what is the real story behind Reid's injury?
If he was assaulted and the doctors at the hospital knew about it, why didn't they contact the Henderson Police Dept. as required by law?
Reid got into some kind of fight or he had an accident that may cause people to question his cognitive ability.
And whatever happened, it certainly explains why he is not running for Senate again.
It would be nice if Reid could tell the truth for the first time in his life.

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