Wednesday, April 8, 2015

More Evidence That Liberalism Is A Mental Illness

From Fox News:
A new book about the lives of first families, as told by White House workers, spans 10 administrations -- but it's the lurid tales from the Clintons' tumultuous eight-year stay that are capturing all the attention. 
The anecdotes are contained in “The Residence: Inside the Private World of The White House” by Kate Andersen Brower, whose book dropped just as Hillary Clinton is poised to announce her expected presidential campaign. 
he book chronicles such behind-the-scenes incidents as: 
  • Chelsea Clinton allegedly referring to Secret Service as "pigs," and explaining that's what "my mother and father" call them. 
  • An usher being fired from his $50,000-a-year job after Hillary Clinton became uncomfortable with him. The usher claimed the Clintons had problems with his contact with the Bush family, as former first lady Barbara Bush had called on him for help with her computer. 
  • Depictions of suspected fights at the residence between Bill and Hillary Clinton. 
  • The tale appearing to draw the most attention, though, involves an injury the president sustained at the White House. 
    In the book, a former staffer recalls getting a frantic call at the height of the Lewinsky scandal from a maid who “found blood all over the first couple’s bed.” The incident was explained away by President Clinton, who required stitches after the incident, as the aftermath of him running into a bathroom door in the middle of the night.
    But not everybody on staff was convinced.
    We’re pretty sure she clocked him with a book,” the anonymous worker says. Brower, a former White House reporter and Fox News producer, reported the incident occurred at about the time the public learned of President Clinton’s extra-marital relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky, which was in January 1988.
    However, the butlers appeared well aware of the roughly 18-month affair long before it was exposed. They frequently saw the young Lewinsky in the family movie theater and other parts of the residence, with one whispering, “That’s her -- that’s the girlfriend,” Brower writes....
    Brower writes that White House florist Ronn Payne says he was riding in a service elevator once and heard the first lady yell “goddamn bastard” at the president, and then a heavy object being heaved across a room.
    “The rumor among the staff was that she threw a lamp,” Brower writes. The butlers, according to Payne, were told to clean up the mess.
    So, those women rights/anti-domestic violence women and some men who demand that football players be castrated or worse if they are accused of domestic abuse, will they call for Hillary's head on a platter or will they excuse her behavior?
    Me, personally, I am getting really tired of the double standard between liberals and conservatives.
    President Obama literally has gotten away with murder and the liberals still support him.
    Hillary Clinton, and this has been rumored for years so it is nothing really new, apparently injured Bill in a domestic violence incident and the liberal women stay silent.
    No matter what Obama and Clinton do, the liberals will excuse them. 
    If Clinton and/or Obama would go up to someone, like a Rush Limbaugh, and shot them in the back of the head, completely unprovoked, most of the liberals would excuse their behavior and probably cheer Obama/Clinton on.
    That is why us conservatives say liberalism is a mental disorder.

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