Thursday, April 2, 2015

Good For Him

From the LVRJ: The curriculum to implement Common Core is so confusing that parents can’t even help their elementary school-age children do their homework, a state lawmaker said Wednesday in support of a bill to repeal the controversial educational standards in Nevada.
Assemblyman Brent Jones, R-Las Vegas, said the convoluted curriculum, when combined with intrusive data mining of personal information about students and their parents and a costly unproven testing requirement, make repealing Common Core the right move for Nevada policymakers.
Jones testified before the Assembly Education Committee in support of his Assembly Bill 303, which would do away with the standards in Nevada. One of the biggest problems with Common Core standards is the “top down” control, one-size fits all mentality that many believe will lead to ultimate failure and federal government overreach, he said.
It was the first hearing on the measure, which faces an uphill battle given the opposition to the measure from members of Gov. Brian Sandoval’s Cabinet.
But the intrusive data mining and loss of privacy are also major concerns.
“Now that the public has had a chance to ‘read the rules,’ we discover Common Core violates the privacy of students and their families through the gathering and sharing of vast amounts of personal information,” Jones said.
“And worse yet, that private information is being sent and shared with the federal government and will follow the student and his family for years.”
Jones noted that many states are looking to repeal Common Core as more information about the program has become available. Nevada needs to do the same, he said. Jones has proposed that Nevada instead adopt standards established by Massachusetts.
I am a teacher and I can say with 100% honesty is that Common Core along with No Child Left behind are complete disasters for education.
First, it is big business as you have big name companies creating curriculum and selling the curriculum and books to school districts, making a handsome profit in the meantime.
Further, what is good for New York City is different from a rural school in Alaska or North Dakota and is different than school in Los Angeles.  An inner city school child should have the same curriculum as a ranch kid in Wyoming.
Not every kid is going to college- some will succeed going to community college or a kid in Las Vegas may make $100,000+ a year working at a casino without any extra education or even the need of a high school diploma.  If you are a girl in Vegas and have big ta ta's, can stand or walk a long time and don't mind a smoky environment, you can make tons of cash while you are still young.
So, it is good that that this Nevada legislator wants to get rid of Common Core, just like hundreds of other politicians in the country who want to do the same.

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