Saturday, April 4, 2015

Yeah, Some Gay Right Supporters Are Mentally Retarded

The following article shows that many (not all) in the gay community don't have more 1 or 2 brain cells.
From the Fond Du Lac Reporter: A misdirected social media post relating to Indiana's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act has sparked a firestorm at an Outagamie County pizza business. Now, the owner of Memories Gourmet Pizza Co. is trying to stop the damage from spreading.
Mike Premeau, who owns the Nichols-based frozen pizza wholesale company, said it is not affiliated with Memories Pizza of Walkerton, Ind. Owners of that pizzeria said this week they would not cater gay weddings as the state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act came under intense scrutiny.
The problem started Wednesday, when a man posted on Memories Gourmet Pizza's Facebook page and left a message on Premeau's cell phone.
Premeau said he called the man back to explain the misunderstanding. The man apologized, but "since then it's just been complete chaos," Premeau said on Friday.
Premeau, along with senior executive director Kathy Danke, posted a letter to the Facebook page on Thursday, addressing the case of mistaken identity.
More than 30 people from around the country commented on the Facebook post in support of — and against — the letter.
Memories Gourmet Pizza sells frozen pizza in 54 stores across the state. Premeau contacted his customers to explain the situation, but is worried it might not be enough.
The company also is undergoing an expansion and certification process to ship its products out of state. Premeau is concerned that the outcry could jeopardize the future of his business.
"I have not heard from any of our accounts saying that they want to pull pizzas out, but it's a holiday weekend," he said. "I fully expect first thing Monday morning my phone is going to be ringing off the hook."
Premeau said his company was put in a bad light because one individual didn't check where the company was located before going on social media.
This whole thing about Memories Pizza in Indiana and gays have me puzzled.
Are the owners of Memories Pizza entitled to their opinion? 
The gay movement needs to realize that there are people who are against gay marriage due to religious reasons.  This doesn't mean they are against gay people in general, it just means they are against gay marriage.
And if these people are against gay marriage, here is a solution- if you don't like their views, don't patronize them.
Instead, many in the gay community show themselves to be hypocrites by demonizing the owners of the pizza shop because they supposedly demonized some members of the gay community.
So, to the many in the gay community, if you don't like what people think about you, just don't patronize them because if you get into a pissing contest with them, you look so much more foolish and moronic.
And if you want to after a company, make sure you go after the right one, otherwise you act like a person who runs on 1 or 2 brain cells.


  1. Dan, was this one just to get me to comment?

    First: No gay couple is going to get pizza for their reception, that's probably the weirdest part of the story. Second: this company doesn't cater, so her hypothetical was weird too. And third, prior to this whole kerfuffle, the joint had gotten maybe three Yelp! reviews in their history.

    After the "announcement," which--whether you see it that way or not--was a stupid thing for a business to announce ("we don't serve your kind here"), the phony reviews started pouring in. And they were HYSTERICALLY funny. This is the type of pranking that catches on like wildfire, and once it does, in the internet age, it gets out of hand and becomes a pile on. That's what happens with anything that goes viral.

    Then here's what happened. Media takes note of the viral story. More people pile on. Defenders come out. Analgoies get stupid (oh, so painfully stupid). Passions enflame (over what started as a nothingburger). Humor turns to anger and rage from both sides. It quickly gets out of hand.

    So, you get this out-of-scale "thing" with a life of its own, and you get "death threats" (always wrong and stupid, but almost ubiquitous of any controversial story on any topic) from anonymous internet idiots. The pizza joint decides to close down for a day or two, and their defenders start screaming, "THEY SHUT THEM DOWN!!!! THE GAYSTAPO PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!"

    And they crowd fund, and donate almost a MILLION dollars to them? I mean, hey, lucky girl, maybe she can get her teeth fixed now. But you don't think THAT reaction was a little much for a couple of days of lost business and a hijacked Yelp account?

    Anyway, YES, these people were entitled to their opinion. No, they aren't entitled to make a statement like that and not expect a response. Yes, the response was out of scale, but NO, it wasn't "the gay community," it was an internet brushfire, with many, many, many non-gays in the mix. And however stupid you think the gay and gay ally side was, the response was equally ridiculous.

    At the root, however, is the non-distinction between discriminating against gay people, or discriminating against a gay couple getting married. There is no legal distinction. It's the same argument. A religious person who can't abide gay marriage (when selling PIZZA????) might be equally against selling for a gay anniversary, adoption, party, hell, mabye just a date. Where is the legal distinction? That's the weak point in the argument.

    But thank you for not using a KKK or Nazi cake analogy. I'm so sick of those.

  2. Oh, and yeah, if people went after the wrong company, they're dumbasses. Again, something that tends to happen once one of these viral things becomes a zombie under its own power.