Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore Riots: Brought To You By Liberal Failures

So, another city went up in flames last night.  This time it was Baltimore.
Another city run by liberals.  Another liberal failure.
So, President weighed in about the riots, saying the rioters were thugs and thieves.
Well, done Mr. President but where have you been the last 6 years or so.  Obama has had many opportunities to talk the Black youths who are rioting but at every opportunity, he completely fails- he refuses to even go into the inner cities.  The Black folks who support Obama thinks he's one of them.  But Obama doesn't think he is one of them.  He sticks his nose at the Black community... unless they have money.
And Obama sent some White House fool to the thug's funeral in Baltimore and the newest stooge of the Obama administration, the Attorney General has decided to send in the civil rights division to investigate the police.  Does this fool AG send in the civil rights cops to investigate the rioters who violated the civil rights of ten's of thousands of citizens in Baltimore?
And the fool Obama, when was the last time he send anybody from the White House to a cops funeral?
Meanwhile the liberal mayor of Baltimore was pretty toothless when it came to the riots and it took the GOP governor of Maryland to send in the big muscle to calm things down...for now.
So, another riot in a liberal city, more damage and the liberals can only talk tough but they cannot act tough.
Toothless tiger, toothless liberals.

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