Sunday, April 5, 2015

Racism In NCAA Basketball

Imagine if a white NCAA basketball player did this:
From ESPN:
Kentucky guard Andrew Harrison has apologized for uttering an obscenity and a racial slur as a question about Wisconsin's Frank Kaminsky was being asked Saturday night during a postgame news conference at the Final Four.
Harrison and the Wildcats were upset 71-64 by the Badgers, spoiling their quest to complete a perfect season....
A reporter directed a question about Kaminsky toward Kentucky's Karl-Anthony Towns: "Karl, could you talk about Kaminsky and what if anything is unique about defending him?" the reporter said.
Near the end of the question, a live microphone picked up Harrison muttering "F--- that n----" as his hand covered his mouth.
Harrison said "Fuck that nigger", referring to Kaminsky, who happens to be white.
Perhaps, Harrison and some of his teammates, most of who are Black, were pissed because they lost to a team that is mostly White?
Can you imagine if a white player said that about a Black player?  he would have been suspended for the next few games, undergone sensitivity training and probably would see any chance of a NBA pro basketball career go down the drain.  It would be headline news, possibly even bigger than the game.
So, where are these so called Black activists condemning this guy's comments?  Al, Jesse?  Hello?
Where are all the fools and tools who protest cop shooting against Blacks, why don't they acknowledge there is Black racism?
Just another case of liberal double standards

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