Saturday, April 11, 2015

Why Obama Continues To Be The Dumbass President

Once again, Obama shows he is completely delusional and shows he really is not that smart.
From CNN: 2. He believes climate change is a public threat.
"No challenge poses more of a public threat than climate change," the President told me.
Apparently, Iran with nukes, ISIS, Muslim terrorism, the number of unemployed in the U.S., the inner city violence in the U.S., Black on Black crime, police violence, U.S. debt, World War III in the Middle East, problems with Israel, Syria, Social Security going broke, Yemen, the Kardashians along with Bruce Jenner, White House being hacked, China stealing trade secrets and threatening it's neighbors, Russia and Ukraine, the murder of thousands of Christians and so many more things.
Are those of least importance than climate change which is a false science anyways?
Yeah, Obama is delusional.

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