Thursday, April 2, 2015

More ObamaCare Disaster

Taken from a memo from the school district I teach at. (Names and district  redacted)
  • he biggest add on is for medical insurance. We received rates from ASBAIT and we have a 14.7% increase in our rates because of rising insurance costs and our bad claim ratios. Over the last 12 month period our claim ratio was 119%. The last 6 months our ratio has been 109%.  So our ratio is getting better, but insurance companies like to see it at 100% or less. It would have been over a 25% increase if they had set us off to the side instead of including us in a large pool with others. Segal sent out an RFP to get quotes for us. There was only one company interested and it was much higher than the 14.7%. Our insurance rate increase was going to be over $800,000 just by itself. On top of that we have the Affordable Care Act or also known as Obama Care. Currently to be a full time employee offered insurance with **** you had to work 35 hours per week. Now that drops down to 30 hours per week.
**** stated we had to rough estimate how many employees that would be. We have guest teachers that are used for full time and some classified employees. We do not have a large pool of classified employees that are not full time. This will be the preschool and kindergarten assistant employees who are 30 hours a week. The coaching and event working all has to be tracked and an hourly equivalent has to be figured out. We will have a tracking or measurement period. If these employees work at least 30 hours per week we have to offer them insurance.
**** stated the tracking we have to do is incredible with all the information and processes. The first year you have to make sure you have offered insurance to 70% of staff eligible and the next year it goes up to 95%.  If we missed someone and did not meet the percentage requirement we have to pay a fine of $3,000 for every person. If we met the percentage and miss someone then we have to pay for that one employee. Two categories to be fined for are accountability and affordability. We had to add $200,000 to the budget for the Affordable Care Act. That would be our worst case scenario if everyone takes the insurance.
So, in school districts, other government agencies and private business are all hurting because of ObamaCare and the numbers have shown that ObamaCare has been a complete bust.

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