Friday, April 24, 2015

The Judge Was Right

From the NY Daily News:  His bark was worse than his bite.
A convicted felon erupted in anger Friday after a Brooklyn judge slapped him with a sentence of 15 years in prison for biting a federal marshal’s finger.
Judge Nicholas Garaufis was still speaking when the full impact of the impending prison stint apparently registered with Corey Jones. The perp began waving his arm in disgust at the judge and then an expletive-filled rant began.
“F--- that, n-----!” he shouted as his mother, sitting in the courtroom, urged him to stop. “One hundred eighty months. That’s 15 years for this s---!”
“You’re a racist, that’s what you are, a f------ racist!” he screamed at the federal judge.
Garaufis continued reading the judgment in a normal tone of voice, and advised the defendant that he had a right to an appeal.
“Damn right, I will!” Jones shouted, followed by a homophobic slur. “F------ f-----!”
Jones, 37, walked into the courtroom facing a sentence of 37 to 46 months under federal sentencing guidelines and his defense lawyer claimed that was too harsh. The lawyer, Michael Schneider, argued that the biting of Deputy U.S. Marshal Ryan Westfield was not really a crime of violence as defined by federal law. The lawman’s injury was minor, he said....
Before he was sentenced, Jones made his own bid for leniency. “I’m not disputing I have a violent background and I’ve worked hard to change it,” he said.
Jones had been serving a 92-month sentence for gun possession and had only about five months left when he got in trouble at the halfway house....
“I’m guilty maybe of being resistant. . . . I think simply me saying, ‘I’m sorry’ wA simple apology is hardly what Garaufis had in mind for the thug whose rap sheet includes two prior felony convictions and more than 25 disciplinary infractions while in custody. The judge instead said a sentence closer to the statutory maximum of 20 years was more appropriate.ould be appropriate,” he said.
Once a thug, almost always a thug and the world is much better off with this thug behind bars for a very long time.

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