Saturday, April 18, 2015

How Not To Run A free Give away...Or, People Are Greedy

Today, Cascade Paper, their Kingman, AZ branch decided to give away paper towels, toilet paper and napkins to the people of Kingman.
Well, that sounds nice except for the greed of Kingmanites and the stupidity/laziness of Cascade employees.
Cascades told the community that they were giving away the paper products from 8-12 noon today.
What they didn't tell you is that that they didn't restrict the amount of paper products you can get.
So, people with pick up trucks, trailers, U-Haul trucks and other large vehicles all showed up between 8-9:00 and grabbed all the free paper products they could stuff into their vehicles.  It was not unusual to see trucks with trailers leave with 30-40 cases of paper products each and who knows how much they stuffed into the U-Hauls.
People with mini-vans had paper products stuffed in all possible places, making it impossible to see except out the driver's side windshield and the driver's window.
And of course, by about 9:30, they ran out of all the freebies.
So, where the people who took so many products greedy, of course but they were just playing by the rules cascade set.
Did Cascade screw up- with out a doubt.  They decided that they were going to get done early and they didn't care who they gave their products to.
So, booo to Cascade for pissing off people who actually may need their products and instead gave it to some people who are probably going to resell it at swap meets and boo to people who were greedy and took more product than they needed.

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