Saturday, April 25, 2015

Why Indiana's Law About Religious Values Is Needed

From Fox News: The owners of an Oregon bakery learned Friday that there is a severe price to pay for following their Christian faith.
A judge for the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) recommended a lesbian couple should receive $135,000 in damages for their emotional suffering after Sweet Cakes by Melissa refused to make them a wedding cake. 
As a result - Aaron and Melissa Klein could lose everything they own — including their home.
The Oregonian reports the recommended penalty is not final and could be raised or lowered by State Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian.
The controversy started in 2013 when Aaron Klein declined to provide a cake for a lesbian wedding. Later that year, the women filed a complaint against Klein and his wife, Melissa....
Family Research Council President Tony Perkins blasted the harsh penalty levied against the Kleins.
“The state of Oregon has given a new meaning to shotgun weddings,” Perkins said. “You will be forced to participate in same-sex weddings and violate your beliefs.”
Perkins wondered what impact the Oregon ruling would have on religious freedom across the country.
“If Americans are not free to decline to be involved in a specific activity that violates their beliefs, then we are not free,” he said. 
It’s not exactly clear what led GoFundMe to drop the fundraising drive - but Perkins blamed it on gay activists.
“This reveals two very important aspects of the redefinition of marriage, Americans are not going along with it and two - the intolerance of those trying to redefine marriage is historically unprecedented,” Perkins said.
First, the lesbian couple did not receive $135,000 in damages, that point is very clear.
And why would this lesbian couple want to even use these bakers- it's not like there were no other bakers around to make this lesbian's wedding cake.
I guess, if the government wants to fine the bakers, then everyone who is forced to be involved in a function they don't want to be part of, then they should sabotage their product.  For instance, the bakers in this case should have made their cakes out of salt instead of sugar and just say "Ooops, my bad".  So, instead being penalized for refusing service to gays, all they would have to do is refund the price of the cake.
So, when people say the Indiana religious rights law is not needed, all they have to do is look at this horrible case to show that laws like this are needed.

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