Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hey Senile/Coward//Liar Reid: Prove You Didn't get Beat Up

Senile/Pathetic/Coward/Liar Reid denies he was beat up when he got injured around New Years Day, 2015.
Ok, Coward Reid- Prove it.
You said that Mitt Romney didn't pay income taxes before he ran for president.
Of course Liar Harry lied about Romney's taxes.
So, Coward Reid, prove you got hurt by some play equipment.
Release the daily log of the Capitol Police, the one's who guard Senile Harry and drove him to the hospital.
Release your medical records from the incident.
Release the investigative report by the Capitol Police on the incident.  When the former Majority Leader of the Senate is seriously hurt, no matter the cause, there should have been an investigation of some kind, with photo evidence.
So, Senile/Pathetic/Liar Coward Reid, prove your really got hurt they way you said it happened.
Or better yet, just tell the damn truth.

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