Saturday, April 18, 2015

RINO's Roaming In Nevada

From the LVRJ: Republican and Democratic leaders in the Nevada Senate both expressed confidence Friday that the governor’s proposed business license fee hike will win approval early next week.
Senate Bill 252 has been sitting in legislative limbo on the secretary’s desk awaiting a vote in the upper chamber as a Tuesday deadline looms for passage.
“As of today I’m confident there will be a vote on Senate Bill 252 Monday or Tuesday and that it will pass,” Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson, R-Henderson, told the Review-Journal in a brief interview.
Roberson said he has been meeting with Democratic leadership over the bill but declined to say what’s been discussed.
State Sen. Aaron Ford, the Democratic minority leader, confirmed the ongoing talks and expressed his own optimism the bill will pass.
“We’ve had some discussions and those discussions will continue over the next few days and we’ll see what happens in that regard,” said Ford, D-Las Vegas. “But I share his confidence.”
Sandoval welcomed the news.
“I’m encouraged that the members of the Legislature are working together in an effort to modernize and invest in Nevada’s public education system. I will continue to meet with lawmakers, business owners, and community leaders to lay out my vision for a new Nevada which includes new revenue for education as well as meaningful reforms and accountability measures,” Sandoval said in an email statement.
“I’m hopeful that the Senate will pass Senate Bill 252 so we can continue this important discussion on this issue in the state Assembly.”
Yep, nothing like a herd of RINO's roaming in Carson City to lay out more taxes on businesses, raise the minimum wage- another hurt on business and other hurtful bills that hurt business in Nevada.
So, please tell me again why the GOP took over the Assembly and Senate in Nevada, when all the RINO's/GOP do is act like Democrats?
Seriously, why are the GOP even talking to the Democrats when they control both houses and the governor's office?

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