Friday, April 17, 2015

Just Wondering

Would the Kinks, an old, old rock group from the 1970's be dissed, protested against, boycotted etc. for their famous song, Lola?
The song is about a guy dissing a transgender male while out going out drinking and then inviting he/she/it back to his place and saying the he/she/it just isn't for him?
You be the judge:

No matter what, it's still a great song.

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  1. I never saw it that way at all. From the lyrics, it sounds like he fell for a drag queen, then shrugged and decided he was still interested, and went for it, but it doesn't mean he isn't "still a man." I suppose you could read the last part as him thinking he's better than Lola because the singer is not "confused" about his own sexuality, but I always thought it meant that fooling around with Lola didn't make the singer any less of a man, or mess with his own ideas of who he was.

    I have no idea what the song writer's real intentions were though. But for its day? I think even if there was some negativity there, this song was way ahead of its time.