Saturday, April 25, 2015

More Thugs, Fools and Tools Riot In The Name Of Non-Violence

From the Baltimore Sun: A day of mostly peaceful rallies to protest the death of Freddie Gray turned confrontational as dark fell over Baltimore on Saturday with demonstrators smashing the windows on police cars, blocking traffic near the Inner Harbor and shouting, “Killers!” at officers dressed in riot gear.
More than 100 officers — wearing helmets, gloves and vests and carrying batons — formed a wall along several blocks of Pratt Street, and began to make arrests. State police in full tactical gear were deployed to the city to respond to a crowd that was becoming unruly.
Protesters shouted: “Killers!” and “You can't get away with this!” and “Hands up don't shoot!” Some threw rocks, water bottles, even hot dog buns and condiments at police mounted on horses, smashed windows at local businesses and looted at least one convenience store.
The crowd — estimated at 1,200 — had remained mostly peaceful from about noon until about 6:30 p.m., near the time the Orioles game was set to begin.
Near the intersection of Howard and Pratt streets, police chanted at the crowds, “Move back. Move back.”
The protest was the largest of daily gatherings in the week since Gray died. The 25-year-old had sustained spinal cord injuries while in police custody following his arrest April 12 near Gilmor Homes in West Baltimore.
At the Gallery at Harborplace around 7 p.m., a window at the Michael Kors store was smashed and shoppers were evacuated. Those running from the mall held coats and scarves over their faces and reported hearing a loud bang as the window was smashed with a trash can.
These thugs, fools and tools really don't what happened to the thug, Freddie Gray because the truth is, no one knows what happened.
Yes, the police chief and mayor of Baltimore have thrown the Baltimore police officers under the bus so they can try to prevent violence.  well, that didn't work out so well, did it?
No one knows what happened to this thug.  we don't know if he slipped and fell in the police van, if he was beat up or if thug tried to hang himself while in the van.  All 3 scenarios are possibilities.
So, apparently, the thugs who were protesting/rioting have decided to use violence against the City of Baltimore to protest against some supposed violence that may have happened.
What a bunch of idiots.

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