Monday, April 13, 2015

There Is A Special Place In Hell For This Guy

From the LVRJ: Police say a Phoenix man caused first- and second-degree burns to both hands of his 6-year-old special needs daughter by intentionally pressing her hands onto the hot stove.
Police said the child was examined by a forensic medical expert after the incident that happened between March 16 and March 27. The girl’s father, Timothy Auger, was interviewed by police and police say he admitted to grabbing his daughter’s wrists and pressing her fingertips on the front of the stove in an attempt to show her it was hot.
Auger, 59, said he did this on more than one occasion with the most recent happening two days before the victim told someone about the abuse.
Auger is charged with felony child abuse.
I'd say this guy is a thug but that would be insulting thugs- this guy is more like a devil, an evil person and I hope he rots in jail for a long time or gets a cell mate who will abuse him just like he did to this poor child.

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